Our mission

At DAN’S we are disrupting fitness culture:

-Transforming outdated ‘no pain, no gain’ isolating regimes into fun, calorie-burning classes that support mental wellbeing.

- Challenging ideals of perfection which promote insecurity - into empowering workouts that build confidence.

- Swapping traditional fitness journeys to immersive and authentic, Latin-inspired experiences which boost social connection + happiness. 

- Teaching our clients a life-long skill - embedding DANCE, which is scientifically proven to make people happier, at the heart of our workouts.

Fun First. Fitness Follows: We are putting mental health + happiness at the heart of fitness.

Home to London’s Happiest Workout

DAN’S unique concept of calorie-burning, dance-based workouts to pulsating Latin beats is specifically designed to boost your mood and fitness - and we have embedded it across eight product and revenue streams: 

In Studio:

1) Group Classes: Power Up, Sweat, Groove

2) Small Group Classes

3) Private Classes

4) Social Events

5) Courses

6) Boost Bar + Lounge

7) Memberships


8) DAN’S At Home App